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Photography is painting with light

I am an enthusiastic and passionate freelance photographer from Austria / Europe. In the early 1980s my father gave me a single lens reflex camera as a gift, a small Minolta X700. With this I started to take (landscape) pictures.


After a break of two decades the passion for photography has grabbed me anew: Since 2009 I have been specializing in People / Female Beauty and have been living my dream ever since. In the meantime I have been published internationally and have received awards. The brand name of my company EIKONAS is (ancient) Greek and means "(The Striving) for Images".


My depiction of female beauty is characterized by respect and appreciation for my models. Beauty does not unfold in the mere display of an "object", but by building an appreciative connection with the subject, the partner on the other side of the lens. I usually show my models in a very natural, unagitated, allureless, proud and full of natural beauty. My understanding of beauty is based on my appreciation for authenticity and simplicity, for immediacy and truthfulness of the simple being as an aesthetic and self-confident individual.


Can my photographic style be defined? First of all: I love colours. And I like the sensual softness of an open aperture and the play of light and shadow. And I love the moment, the soul and the naturalness. I love to play with the available light. The most important thing for me is to remain free in my creative process. I paint and model with light - photography.


I am happy to pass on my knowledge and experience regularly and personally, both online and in person, in the context of events (workshops, group and individual coaching, video training, Patreon EIKONAS Academy). I cordially invite you to "paint with light" together with me.



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