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Saturday, October 15: "Pure Passion" shooting event

On Saturday, October 15 at 12:30 pm starts the first guided shooting event of this year, which is limited with a manageable maximum number of participants of 6 people to be able to get great pictures. With the new enchanting EIKONAS muse "Camelia" we will work on the theme "Passion", passionate sets that fit wonderfully to the ambience of my studio loft: We will work on at least three sensual sets. We play with the reduced autumn light, bring in addition to the daylight now and then warm light sources that are available to us in the loft, and reveal and veil with light and shadow.

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Finally: I updated the EIKONAS photo gallery with some highlights from the latest projects. Much more to come soon in the magazine project "Purest Magazine" - interested in staying updated? Visit www.

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